Wednesday Write Right Tip: Pro Writing Aid – Free Editing Software

Most Wednesday nights you’ll find me at the University Village Starbucks.

I’m blessed by two or three hours of writing time each week while my son, Gabe, attends his college group nearby.

Last week I decided to devote my Wednesday blog posts to sharing ideas and links that help me along my writing journey. I hope they are useful to you too. Let’s share ideas to help each other Write Right.

Write On.....

Today I’d like to share a useful tool I learned about from my friend Lesley McDaniel. It is called Pro Writing Aid – Free Editing Software and is a writing analysis program.

To check it out, I drafted a blog post. Then I cut and pasted it into the software for analysis. It popped up a report that told me my writing needed work because of a few issues like cliches, sticky sentences and redundant words.

I am always looking for ways to improve in my writing. This Pro Writing Aid editing software will be very helpful.

Check out Lesley’s blog for some other ideas to help you write tight.

Are you writing this summer? I hope so! Keep those juices flowing.

God Bless your writing!