I love to watch the videos and read the books published by Simple Truths.

I give them as gifts to friends who really enjoy the encouraging messages.

As Steve and I work to make the next twenty-five years of our marriage the best years, teamwork is important.

It separates the winners from the losers.

If we aren’t on the same team, we won’t get to the destination God has planned for us.

Getting your team to work together toward a common vision is the fuel that allows your team to reach their goals and envision new goals that well exceed common expectations.

Whether you consider your family your team or you work with a team of co-workers or classmates, I think you will enjoy this short movie to inspire you today!

Although the video shares the teamwork of the Blue Angels, I’m applying some of the tools to my marriage.

  1. Center point – Focus on shared values for our future.
  2. Align with our common purpose.
  3. Sacrifice individual gain for my mate’s greater good.
  4. Tap into the strengths of my mate.
  5. Rest, Reflect, Recharge – complete a detailed maintenance program – maintain peak performance. This How We Love group we are attending is definitely a recharge-maintenance program. (
  6. Communicate openly and honestly. Take time to clarify procedures. – We are learning better ways to communicate.
  7. Walk the Talk – Do what we say we believe.
  8. Attitude = altitude. – Looking at our marriage with a positive attitude will help us gain the altitude we desire.

I’m ready to gain new altitudes for Team Murfitt.

How about you?

God Bless Your Heart