Writing Retreat 2010

Wednesday May 12 2010 10:23 pm | Comments (0) Tags: ,

Day 1 of my 2010 writing retreat to Montana was successful. I submitted an article and wrote a couple blogs. I worked on a few pages of my manuscript. I’m excited to spend the next ten days focusing on my writing – Hope in Hard Times – Building a Strong Foundation of Hope.

Most of my writing today was done in the car traveling to Missoula.

I’ll journal through this season of writing. I want to finish this manuscript so I can move forward and get it published. I have a book contract to custom publish it with WinePress. I’ve made major changes to the original manuscript so it has taken me a little while to get it the way I want.

My prayer for this book is that it will touch lives of people with story to help build their foundation of hope. We learn from other’s stories and I’m sharing many that helped make my foundation solid.

I recently wrote about my dad’s battle with cancer three different times in his young life. But he never lost hope in Jesus. I want that kind of faith.

We’ll see you tomorrow as I share more about this writing journey.