Tribute to a Retiring Teacher

Tonight my sister Kathy Devine Goodheart is being honored at a retirement party.

She is leaving the teaching career she has loved these past thirty-seven years.

I’m sad I can’t be at the party because it conflicts with the writing conference our organization is putting on this weekend.

L-R Front Row Shelley, LeAnne, Marilyn, Judy Back Row Kathy, Patti, Gigi

But not being at the party doesn’t make me any less proud.

Trust me when I say her name is not Goodheart by accident.

My sister Marilyn is a Devine Poet extraordinaire.

Whenever there is a family celebration of life, Mar comes through with a poem.

So today I share the poem Marilyn wrote for Kathy.

Kathleen Marie Theresa (of the little flower) Devine Goodheart

She is the fourth of ten siblings
With a smile that is so Devine
With a heart as big as the universe
And a soul so pure and so kind.

Her banjo eyes would tell a story
With conviction and with desire
She had a passion for teaching
And now it’s time to retire.

Every student of hers will remember
The lessons taught with a ‘good heart’
The belief that every child she met
Had a right to learn and be smart.

Not all times were lessons in classrooms
Not all lessons were taught from a book
It was first aid and mittens and snow boots
Or times when she just gave that look.

They knew whenever she was near them
That each one was important to her
To her they each had a purpose
To each they knew who they were.

They were children with all different stories
Who wanted their stories to be heard
And wanted someone to believe in them
Who would focus on their every word.

These children were lucky to find one
That cared about them from the start
That gave them one hundred and ten percent
How lucky to know Mrs. Goodheart.

There were many Flat Stanley’s that traveled
With his colorful clothes and kind face
He transparently taught all those students
Each geographical place.

There is nothing like a good teacher
That forms an innocent mind
With love, with faith and conviction
It’s my sister, who is so Devine.

I believe that you made a difference
And followed your heart and desire
To make the world so much better
To teach, to love, to inspire.

May you leave the profession with a smile
And walk away with pride and with grace
Cause Kath you truly gave it your all
For the world is a much better place.

Enjoy this great time cause you earned it
And know there is pride from above
Cause you made them so proud for what you gave
Mom and Dad I am sure send their love.

Kath-Sorry I couldn’t be there tonight but know I celebrate everyday for being lucky enough to call you my sister!

Congratulations and enjoy your retirement…the next chapter in this good thing called LIFE…love ya. Marilyn

Ditto for me, Kathy.