Remember That Date?

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Do you remember certain dates in your life?

Does the memory play in your head like an old movie every year when that date pops up on the calendar?

It happens to me every October 2nd.

This date changed the course of my life in many ways.

The words that come to mind when I think of October 2nd are tragedy, miracle, healing, disability, HOPE, birth, aunt, first date, roller-coaster, detour

Tragedy – Miracle – Healing – Disability – HOPE

On this date in 1935, my beautiful Mom, Helen, was a senior at Anaconda High School. She was full of life. It was just an ordinary fall day with football excitement in the air. The pep assembly was an hour away. She sat on the stage with a few friends from the orchestra preparing to tune her violin. It was nearly showtime.

And then it happened.

The heavy stage fire curtain fell from the ceiling. It slammed her to the floor.

Crushed Spine. Paralysis. Surgeries. Rehab. Hopelessness.

BUT God!

She was told she would never walk. After six months, she stood to walk again.

She was told she would never bear children. She gave birth to TEN!

She was told she would not dance. She danced at her Senior Prom.

So for me, October 2nd means HOPE for the HOPELESS.

It was the hope I held on to when my son , Gabe, was born with multiple physical birth defects.

Growing up with Mom taught me about living life with a disability.

She helped Gabe see the possible in the impossible.

Mom holding Gabe

Mom holding Gabe – her 20th grandchild

Birth, Aunt, Miracles

Another significant life event happened on October 2, 1971.  I was in Junior High.

My nephew Gregory Steven Devine was born. I was absolutely thrilled to be an aunt.

Such a beautiful baby, Greg grew to be a very tall (6’ 5”) and handsome man.

Greg has an incredible story of miraculous healing too! So does his beautiful daughter Kena. I’ll tell that story on another day.

So Happy Birthday Greg!

Greg Keri and Kena

First date, roller-coaster, detour

October 2, 1976 I had my first date with a college football player. This relationship was a roller-coaster ride of emotion for six years. It wasn’t a pretty story.

That October 2nd was the start of a painfully significant life-changing detour.

And for sure, that is a story for another blog.

God knows the way to our destination

God knows the way to our destination

What about you? Do you have one of those dates that drum up old memories for you?

If so, I hope you will share in the comments section.

Bless you on this date, October 2, 2013. May it bring a happy memory of Hope and Healing and Miracles…in spite of detours.


Yesterday’s question

What is your favorite thing about the fall season?

My answer: Snuggling near a warm fire drinking a hot cup of chai tea. When I was a young girl, I loved jumping into big piles of colorful leaves. I also enjoyed the yummy crab apples from our backyard tree. But I didn’t like getting in trouble for throwing them at cars. Hitting a police car was a BAD idea. Oops! A story for another time.