Unusual Love – The Redeeming Kind

True Love

This is a picture of my current journal.

I couldn’t resist buying this one after I saw the cover photo.

A big dog and a little kitty.

It reminds me of so many things.

My first thought — BIG huge God loving itty-bitty me.

Yet He looks on me with eyes of love.

How different we are, God and me. 

He is perfect. I certainly am NOT!

Yet He loves me anyway.

I love how the kitty smiles up at the dog.

That’s me smiling because I feel so loved by God.

In this current journal I’m recording my thoughts as I work through the Book of Hosea and compare it to my own life story.

It is a beautiful story of redeeming love. God’s love for His people. God’s love for me.

This kind of love is oh so different than the natural love we have all experienced.

Redeeming love looks like this – even when I don’t deserve it, He loves me anyway.

I love that about God. With His great BIG heart, He loves little old me….and you too.

Did you know that it doesn’t matter what crazy thing you’ve done?  

He loves you anyway.

I’m excited to record my journey through the Book of Hosea.

In telling my story, I hope to take your hand and put it in the hand of my redeeming lover….Jesus.

I desire for you to experience this same kind of love.

It makes me want to stay up all night to finish the chapters of my book.

It truly is my own redeeming love story.

And I can’t WAIT to share it with you.

God Bless Your Heart with Redeeming Love



If you’ve never read the book by Francine Rivers titled REDEEMING LOVE, I highly recommend it. It is a love story of epic proportions. I’m all over a good love story.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Redeeming-Love-Francine-Rivers/dp/1601420617/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1305354887&sr=8-1