A Deeper Intimacy

Saturday November 9 2013 9:28 pm | Comments (1) Tags: , ,

I have been seeking a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

Bible study.


Worship with music.

Quiet time listening to the Lord.

I must confess that the last few years I’ve allowed distractions to interrupt this time.

The Lord continues to remind me that He created me for an intimate relationship with Him. When I choose these distractions over my time with Him, I definitely feel it. Things just aren’t right.


At a recent women’s retreat, I enjoyed my time sitting at this pond with my Bible open, pen in hand and a sweet worship album playing on my phone. Oh Lord, help me to continue to find this place of intimacy with you.

Following my retreat, I received this word in my email box from Marsha Burns who shares beautiful messages on her website at http://ft111.com/smallstraws.htm


Many of you, My people, are awakening to a new level of intimacy with Me, says the Lord.  But, you must be alert and aware that the enemy of your souls will release lies and a spirit of lethargy to convince you that it takes too much effort to walk in the Spirit.  Refuse to go back or give up.  The discipline that it takes is well worth the progress that you are making.  Proverbs 15:19 The way of the lazy man is like a hedge of thorns, but the way of the upright is a highway.

I love God’s timing! I am refusing to go back or give up!

Think about your time with God. Are you making time for him? I hope so.

Bless you with a deeper intimacy with The Father.