StoryCrafters Retreat

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Although I’ve written two nonfiction books, I’ve always wanted to write fiction.

I love reading fiction and often come up with ideas for sharing stories from my childhood and the beauty of growing up with a large family in a small town.

Last year I took a six week online class titled “Writing Fiction Like a Pro.”  I loved it! I took one of the story ideas I’ve tossed around in my head for many years. After learning some cool techniques, it flowed into a three-act play structure and then I boiled it down to a raw outline form. I was on my way!

Now I’m ready to take it to the next level.

This weekend I’ll be headed to the Inland Northwest Story Crafters Retreat in Spokane.

I am ready to ignite my career as a novelist!

Susan May Warren is teaching at the 2014 My Book Therapy Storycrafter’s Retreat.

I’m showing up with an idea – and I hope to leave with a story and everything I need to ignite my journey to publication.

This is a private, intensive retreat with only 16 participants.

It is time to invest in my writing dreams.

I am beside myself excited!

I just finished one of Susan May Warren’s 2014 Christy Award winning novels titled Take a Chance on Me. TakeAChanceOnMe_COV_FINAL-250x381

It is a story of love and forgiveness. I related to so many of the rich and raw characters.

It takes place in the small lakeside town of Deep Haven. I found myself rooting for each character in the Christiansen family as they struggled with relatable issues of grief, anger and unforgiveness.

With each chapter came a new twist in the developing romantic relationships from this beautiful little town in northern Minnesota.

I can’t wait to start another one of Susan’s many novels and learn from her talented writing style. I hope you’ll check out some of her books.

Here is a link to the bibliography of her many books.

I hope you’ll come back and share some ideas with me as I formulate the story lines for the series I have in mind.

Have you ever wanted to write a novel?

If so, why not now?

Tell me how I can encourage you in your writing.

Bless you with ideas that flow.