Mother of the Groom!

Sunday March 15 2009 9:48 pm | Comments (0) Tags: , ,

This weekend we celebrated with our future daughter-in-law Kelsey at her first bridal shower. It was so much fun to see her college and work friends. I was so blessed by “homies” from our home group and my sisters and nieces who joined in the celebration. We all had a great time.

I love being included in all of the bride’s activity. I only have two boys so I’ll never have a daughter to shop with for a wedding gown. But Kelsey graciously let me come with her and her mom while she tried on dresses. And boy did she find a beautiful gown. I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone what it looks like but I will tell you that she looks like a princess.

Boys don’t tell their moms much about the wedding. So I really appreciated Kelsey filling me in tonight at dinner on all the sweet little touches they will have during their ceremony. It’s going to be a glorious day. I cry just thinking about it. God is so good.

It’s hard for mom’s to let their sons go. At least it is for me. Zane is my first born son. He is a jewel. He used to crawl on my lap and snuggle. I loved to rub his back when I put him to bed. I’d sneak out of the room when I thought he was asleep. Just as I got to the door I’d hear his little voice. “Mommy, you aren’t done yet. One more time please.”

I miss that time. It seems like hundreds of years ago. In a couple weeks Zane will turn twenty-two. Oh how I’ve been blessed these twenty-two years. Incredibly blessed.

Zane is home for spring break. He has the flu. I don’t like him to be sick but I rather like taking care of him. When he asked me to get him more Advil and water the other morning, I stopped to think. This is likely the last time I get to take care of him when he is sick. Kelsey will do that for him when they marry. Another transition. A passing of my caregiver hat to someone else. So I’ve savored the weekend of pampering my first born.

Being mother of the groom is harder than I thought it would be. But the wonderful thing is that he is marrying a treasure. So I’m gaining a beautiful daughter instead of losing a son. I like the sound of that. God’s favor is definitely on this marriage. They have honored each other and honored God all through the years they have dated. To God be the Glory! I’m so proud.