Journey to Figure out How We Love

Relationships can be both wonderful and difficult – sometimes all in the same day. How we love one another can often times be a challenge.

I’m excited about a new journey Steve and I are taking with a City Group from our church led by Mark and Audrey Alman.

We are going through the book titled How We Love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich (published by WaterBrook Press) with five other couples and six single young men and women.

Earlier this year my counselor recommended this book and I’ve been digesting it one bite at a time.

I’m learning and growing.

I see my communication style in a fresh new way. I’ve found help to iron out some of the difficult areas of my relationships.

I like it so much I’ve been giving it as birthday or anniversary gifts to the people in my life.

Friends, siblings, parent-child, co-worker, in-laws, you name it, your relationship can be more effective after learning these strategies.

This book truly has the capacity to change your life.

Over the next eight weeks I’m going to share what God is showing me about my communication and love styles.

Some things were no surprise, but I’ve learned a few new things about myself.

I hope to encourage you to take a look at your styles.

I pray this new knowledge will be put to work to make your life rich with clear communication.

You deserve a life filled with life-giving relationships.

How about joining me on this journey through How We Love?

You can purchase the book by clicking on the Amazon link below. It contains a workbook to help you apply the life changing principles.

These principles will equip you to break free of negative patterns and enhance your relationships.


But even more interesting are all the tips and tools available on Milan and Kay Yerkovich’s website.

Click here to learn more about this amazing ministry.

I’ll post my thoughts about our first meeting soon.

In the meantime, how about going to the website and taking the test that gives you an idea of your love style. I am anxious to hear about your results.

Here is a link to this test.

It doesn’t take long to take it. At the end you can print out a graph showing your love styles.

Come back to my blog next week and I’ll share more about my results.  

God Bless your heart as you learn how you love…I hope you’ll join me in this journey.

Gigi Murfitt