God, A Woman and a Man

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Today is our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Steven!

June 22, 1985 -- Mr. and Mrs. Steven Murfitt

I was reflecting back on our ceremony and remembered the special song we chose for that day.

I  found the lyrics on Google along with a guitar rendition. Oh the power of the internet!

God, A Woman and a Man

If there never was a singer Then there’d never be song

If there never was a mother Where would the child belong

If a life was not worth living I could not understand

But as a gift was made for giving So was a woman made for a man

God from the beginning Had it in His plan

To join into one flesh This woman and this man

In the fullness of the Spirit’s love We move to make our stand

For the binding of a promise Between God a woman and a man

If there never was a painter Then there’d be no canvas done

If there never was a morning Then there’d be no rising sun

If the music had no melody No purpose for the band

But as a love was meant for sharing So was a woman made for a man


Marriage can be like an adventurous ride

— sometimes like the slow and sweet ferris wheel

—–and other times like the twisting and turnng roller coaster.

God has been faithful all these years to keep us from falling off!

Thank you, Steven, for riding with me all these years.

I’m asking the Lord to bless the next twenty-seven years with His amazing mercy and grace.

God bless you