Moon Gazer – A Tribute to a Friend

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Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from deathPsalm 68:19-21

I’ve been thinking about life and death this week.

I’ve been reminiscing about fun times with our dear friend, Bob Schmidt, who lost his courageous battle on Sunday, April 21, 2013 to the ugliness of brain cancer.

I hate cancer. It steals from families. It robs from love.

Kim and BobBob and his wife, Kim, were our neighbors for many years. Our boys grew up together. Soccer matches, baseball games, camping trips, fireworks extravaganzas, backyard barbecues and great conversation are all part of my memories of life with the Schmidt family.

Bob was a firefighter with the Kent, WA Fire Station 71. He was a devoted servant in that job.

He was a loving husband, a proud father, and a good friend.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were all enjoying the pyrotechnic abilities Bob brought to every 4th of July?

Has it really been that long ago that Bob encouraged Zane and Gabe down the water slides in Lake Chelan?

It feels like just last week that Bob helped Steve build our deck. We laughed watching two determined men build the strongest deck in the neighborhood.

Where has all the time gone? The years got away from us didn’t they.

Bob and Kim moved and we lost touch for a few years.

Never far from our heart, but not involved in daily life activities anymore.

And then cancer struck.

As soon as we heard, we were drawn back into their lives and it felt as if we never left.

Bob and Kim were so brave during his ten-month battle with glioblastoma cancer.



Never giving up.

But there was a plan that was different than ours.

Bob’s in heaven now.

The story of his journey has touched my heart deeply. I’ll be writing about it in my journal for a long time to come.

Kim told us how she and Bob would gaze at the moon. He’d be working at the fire station in Kent. She and the boys were at their home in Woodinville.

“Kimmer, are you looking at the moon?”, Bob would ask over the phone. Nine times out of ten, Kim was looking at the the same time.

Though distance kept them apart, they gazed at the moon and talked before each of them called it a day.

This story of love sent across the miles makes me smile.

When the news from the doctors wasn’t good, Kim asked this question. “I wonder how many more moons we’ll gaze at together?”

Moon Gazer

Tomorrow night the moon will be full. The weather here in Seattle is clear. We will see it and think of Bob. I’ll never look at it the same again.

In the light in the dark night, I’ll remember a friend who touched so many lives.

I’ll smile to know he loved well and was well loved. I am thankful for Jesus and heaven – knowing I’ll see Bob in eternity.

And I sure hope we get to be neighbors again.

Bob, we will miss your smile. But we know your light shines on.

Will you pray with me for the Schmidt and Parker families? I know a few broken hearts who could use your prayers.

God bless your heart,



Three-fold Cord

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It’s nice to have someone to help me make decisions.

Agreeing with one another is not always easy.

When disagreements rise up, it can feel like storm clouds overhead.

I imagine you’ve been through some difficult storms.

I know God has led me and my husband Steve through several.

It seems in the various seasons of our life a different kind of storm blows through.

Our deep friendship and great desire to love each other and serve God has helped us weather these tough seasons.

There are few friendships in the world like ours.

Steve and I met on the ski slopes when we were in high school. I was a junior and he was a sophomore.

Our towns (I lived in Anaconda, MT and Steve in Philipsburg, MT) were thirty miles apart with the Discovery Basin Ski Resort tucked in between.

In our younger years, we skied together almost every weekend.

I have a box of letters we wrote to each other through the years as our friendship developed.

We ended up at the same college (Go GRIZ!) and Steve let me cry on his shoulder many times as I tried to find my way in relationships.

He was my BFF. (Best Friend Forever)

We went our separate ways after college but we kept in touch with letters and phone calls.

I moved to Dallas, TX to start over after a very difficult storm shook my foundation.

About six months later Steve was hired for a company in Las Colinas, TX and moved only a mile from my apartment.

We had a blast together exploring the big city and our friendship blossomed to love.

We were married a year later and now we have two wonderful sons and a daughter-in law.

We celebrate our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary this summer.

There is great power when two people together on the same path use God as the guide.

But what has made us strong is that God is the Divine third person in our relationship.

It is with His power that it all works out for good. It isn’t always easy, but God is our shelter in the storm.

There is strength in numbers and a three-fold chord is not easily broken.

Through tough times, this cord holds us together.

I pray you will have a Divine third in your life. He brings strength to every relationship.

God bless your heart with strong friendships with God in the center.


Again I say to you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 18:19

The idea for this blog post came from the May 11 Devotional in God Calling by AJ Russell.