Only Love Lasts

Monday November 22 2010 9:39 pm | Comments (0) Tags: , ,

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

So many times in Scripture the answer is LOVE. Because true LOVE from God’s heart lasts.

God is LOVE and only His work remains.

All fame fades eventually. All talk fades away.

The work that is not done with LOVE passes by without a thought.

But God-quality LOVE lasts.

Jesus is—TRUE LOVE

They will know WHO I love by HOW I love.

Unfortunately we don’t always get this right. Even in the church.

Some of the work we do isn’t even on God’s agenda. We do it to check it off our do-gooder list. But do we do it in TRUE LOVE?

How about a smile in a time of need? God’s LOVE.

How about a kind word to a hurting heart? God’s LOVE.

How about a helping hand to a neighbor in need? God’s LOVE.

How about acknowledging someone’s worth? God’s LOVE.

All acts of LOVE inspired by God’s LOVE are recognized as a welcome mats into eternity.

As we move through the furry and frenzy of this holiday season, I pray there is one goal in mnd.


Is your welcome mat out?

God Bless your heart with the LOVE of God flowing through you to others.


The idea for this blog post came from the Nov 22 devotional in the God Calling book by AJ Russell.