Daddy’s Girl

Sunday June 19 2011 9:25 pm | Comments (2) Tags: , , , ,

Today is Father’s Day. I really miss my dad.

I wish I had a photo of me and my dad to post here.

It is rather ironic. He was a professional photographer and was usually behind the camera and not the subject of it’s lens. So we have very few photos.

My dad had seven daughters and three sons.

And each of his daughters felt like they were Daddy’s girl.

I know I was his favorite (but don’t tell any of my siblings).

He not only remembered our birth names, but he gave each of us special nicknames too!

I had three different nicknames: “Poodles”, “A in Arithmetic” and “Little Red Fire Engine”.

Each one had their own special meaning between me and my dad. Precious!

Although I miss dad, now I get to celebrate Father’s Day with my husband and two sons and my daughter-in-law.

I captured the memory on film today when we took Steve to South Lake Union for an early breakfast.

Breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe Father's Day 2011

After breakfast Steve and Gabe joined our friend Joe Sladich and his son Will in the Diamond Club (SCORE!) at the Mariner Game. Thanks Joe!

We also attended the Mariner game Friday night so I bowed out of today’s game in lieu of some time to edit Gabe’s book and to organize my emails. After sifting through so many emails I was wishing I’d joined them at the game!

Since we ate close to downtown, I took the bus home and sent the boys on their way to the stadium.

I had Gabe’s Canine Companion dog Ruth with me because he wanted to give her a break from another Mariner game too. Poor thing.

Our bus driver drove way too fast and slammed on his breaks at each stop.

So Ruth never had a chance to relax.

I didn’t relax all that much either.

The guy behind me was having a fantastic conversation with himself. It wasn’t a one sided phone call. It was the same guy passing info back and forth to himself. Scary!

Let’s just say it was truly an interesting adventure.

I hope your day was enjoyable and that you spent it talking with someone you love….and not talking to yourself.

God Bless Your Heart,