Speaking Topics

Encouraging Others in Discouraging Times– Gigi shares stories of how friends and family have blessed her during challenging times in her life.  She helps the audience find ways to bring joy to others through the gift of encouragement. 

Your Story, God’s Glory – a workshop about sharing your testimony and keeping a journal

Fill My Cup Lord – Learning to trust God to fill your every need.

My Heart, Christ’s Home – A walk through the rooms of your heart and surrendering each area to the Lord.

Preparing for Your Night with the King – Esther’s model for finding favor with the King of Kings.

A Choice to Rejoice – When life is hard, make a choice to rejoice in the midst of your circumstances.

He handed me Hope with His Three-Inch Arms – The story of raising Gabriel who was born with severe congenital birth defects.  How God used Gabe’s challenges to point to the hope of Christ.

His name is Jealous – Coming face to face with the jealous heart of God.  He wants you to fulfill your God given destiny – maybe even more than you know.

As for Me and My House – Learning to serve the Lord

An Attitude of Gratitude – Living with a thankful heart

Expecting Big Things from God – God wants us to ask

Gabriel’s Hope – Life lessons taught by my son Gabriel

Remembering Stones – From the middle of life’s lessons come stones of remembrance that will teach the generations to come

Soul Ties – Breaking the ties that bind

Gigi speaking at EFC Moms

Gigi speaking at EFC Moms

****Comments from people who have heard Gigi speak:****

“I remember the first time I saw Gigi speak. The love of Jesus and the truth of His word poured from her heart. She glowed! I remember thinking, ‘I want to love Jesus like she does.’ ”  Sarah Martinie

“Communication is one of my passions, and I’m always thrilled to listen to someone like Gigi who shares that passion and is able to translate it into a compelling presentation.  “Like an apple of gold in a setting of silver is a word fitly spoken” Proverbs 25:11 tells us.  Gigi has a God given ability to perceive and communicate truth in a very unique and moving way.  Her presentations-grounded in truth and wrapped in the skin of her incredible family experiences-always reminded me that the Word of God is still being made flesh in the midst of our own complex lives.” Chuck Shocki, Director of Adult Education, Eastside Foursquare Church

“I’ve heard Gigi speak on numerous occasions, and she’s always a genuine and moving speaker.  It is evident that the Lord uses her gentle manner to touch those listening for His purposes. ” Stephanie Corrigan

“Hearing Gigi speak about her experience with raising her son Gabe brought about a spiritual healing to my heart as I face the challenges, joys and rewards of raising my son with special needs. ” – Jessie Atkins

“I have been blessed to know the Murfitt family for many years and have been privileged to hear Gigi speak several times. Each time I have been touched and impressed by Gigi’s honesty, wisdom, love and compassion. She is a woman who absolutely loves the word of God and truly walks what she talks. Her enthusiasm for God and love of his word has inspired me in my own walk with the Lord as well as in my parenting. Anyone fortunate enough to hear Gigi speak would be truly blessed and impacted by her gracious and biblically based teaching.” – Meg Oestriech