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Journal of HOPE Cover Final FrontNEW Journal Series

I am so excited about the journals I created this year. I started the year off with my HOPE Journal & Coloring Book featuring beautiful tulip graphics and hope related quotes and scriptures. Each journal in the Journal the Journey series contains narrative story, plenty of journal pages plus a section to record prayer requests and updates as well as a gratitude and encouragement section. Love_journal_cover

The LOVE Journal & Coloring Book has a beautiful lavender rose and heart theme. The quotes and Scriptures encompass the love theme. I tell a bit of my love story in the narrative of this book. The section for coloring includes about ten illustrations including many beautiful roses and hearts.

The FAITH Journal & Coloring Book tells my faith story and has a theme of several different types of lily. The quotes and Scriptures include faith. Two of the illustrations in this journal are by Makayla Vick, a young teen with a gift of illustration. I was delighted with the two drawings she contributed.

I also designed a Writer’s Journal & Coloring Book which is a wonderful place to record ideas for writing as well as take notes for meetings, classes or conferences. It also includes some helpful links to writing organizations.


All of the covers for the journal & coloring books were designed by my niece, Katy Sears.

The Journal Life’s Journey series contains the Gratitude Journal where you can record over one-thousands lines of things that make you grateful. Early this spring the Engagement Journal will be released and a wonderful Christmas Journal will be ready for Christmas 2017.

I am thankful for the help of Lynnette Bonner who designed the covers of the Gratitude Journal.


Just Journal is a series of plain journals. The first two are the tulip themed journal and the coffee cup journal. The interior of these is similar except for the designs and fonts. The focus of these journals is to have plenty of space to free write. There is a section to provide helpful ideas for journaling as well as feeling words to help describe emotions as you write.just-journal-tulip-cvr-final-front

9780998119243-Perfect Just Journal Cvr.indd

On the slate for next year are several Journal/Planners. Also, the e-book containing my Journal the Journey stories will be published in early spring 2017.

All of these journals have been published by Dochas Publications and the proceeds benefit Gabriel’s Foundation of HOPE.

Books can be purchased on Amazon, at some local gift and bookstores and at

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Available where Books are Sold!

This inspirational book will challenge you to live your life with courage in the face of life’s greatest adversities. Written about his life, Gabe shares encouragement and hope.

Gabe has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Komo 4 News, King 5 News, Northwest Cable News Network and Comcast News with stories of courage and hope.

Born with three-inch arms due to missing the radius and ulna bones in his arms, he reaches deep into the heart of the reader. His legs won’t straighten but he walks tall because of his deep faith.

Readers young and old will benefit from this inspirational book of stories from Gabe’s incredible life.

He’ll share the story of how he was gifted with Ruth, his Canine Companions for Independence service dog. She has been his best friend.

You’ll learn about Gabe’s strength in the midst of struggles with loneliness.

His indomitable spirit will challenge you to walk through the adversities you face with renewed grace and hope.

The five things that have helped him be successful are outlined and easy to apply to your life. Courage, Leadership, Endurance, Attitude and Respect make up the key components of his C.L.E.A.R. message.

My Message is C.L.E.A.R. is available on our foundation website at as well as and

Guideposts Books – Extraordinary Answers to Prayers

I sold two stories to Guideposts Books for their Extraordinary Answers to Prayers.
These books will be out in 2011 and will include one of my stories in Book 10 and another story in Book 11.
Book 10 is Praying Together and contains my story titled Wheels for Gabriel where I share the amazing answer to prayers for provision for Gabe’s first wheelchair.
Book 11 is In Times of Change and contains my favorite story from Gabe’s junior high years titled The Dance of Faith.Once they are available I’ll post these books in my book store.

Caregivers Devotions to Go released!

My first book, Caregivers Devotions to Go was published by Extreme Diva Media in January 2010 and is available in the Books section of my website.

More Wonderful News from the Caring Diva!

Click here for the Kindle version.

I am excited to share the stories relating to the life of a caregiver.  As a mother of a son with a disability, I wear the hat of caregiver to the disabled.  No doubt this is a challenge, but the stories and lessons learned will warm your heart.

As the daughter of a mom who was disabled as a teenager, I’ve worn a different caregiver hat.  When we moved her to a nursing home, the roles changed again.  There are several stories in this book about my beloved Mom.

As a Sunday School teacher caring for the children in my class, I have funny stories to share.

Many doctors and nurses have touched my life.  I’ve got stories to share about professional caregiving.

This book is a pocket sized on the go devotional with 30 heart warming stories.  I can’t wait for you to read it.  So I continue to write.

I recently had an article published on the front page of the Woodinville Weekly where I shared about our amazing Challenger Little League Team.

Check out my article published by Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend online magazine.  Find it at their website:  It is on page 73 of the October 2008 issue!

My article about the residents of the small mining town of Anaconda, MT blessing my family in 1965 when my dad died was published on the front page of the December 24, 2006 Montana Standard Newspaper.  It appeared on the front page later that week in the Anaconda Leader Newspaper.  This story is always a reminder of the joy of giving.  Here is a link to that article:

I have some recent exciting news on the publishing front.  I had an article entitled “Writing is Good Therapy” published in the September/October 2008 edition of the Northwest Christian Author.  In that same edition, there is a profile about me written by Christine Addison.  Check out their website to order your copy of the newsletter.  (The newsletter is not online yet but you can buy a subscription to the newsletter for $12.)  This year I am excited to serve as Vice President of the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association, the publisher of this newsletter.

I continue to write and submit articles and book ideas as I watch God’s hand move to help me tell the story of His glory.