Recommended Books

Relationship Books

In my quest for making my relationships the best God called them to be, I have found the following books to be MOST helpful!

Milan and Kay Yerkovich do a fabulous job of helping us understand our love imprint which affects all of our relationships. Steve and I are going through a City Group with five other couples and six singles as we share this book together. Wonderful revelation and tools are helping each of us improve our primary relationships.

My counselor recommended this book. WOW. Another home run in helping me understand the reason for the way I react to things in relationship. I’m chewing this one slowly and journaling through every chapter. HIGHLY Recommended.

Difficult Conversations has helped give me the words I need to discuss things that an avoider like me normally would not bring up. I’m learning great listening tools and also how to repeat what I’ve heard from the person I’m discussing with. Again, this is one I’ve been slowly absorbing with my journal at my side.

God created us to connect. When our connection with our primary relationships breaks down, none of of feel very good. So I recommend these books to help!

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Karen Kingsbury Books.

I just finished reading LEAVING and can’t wait for LONGING which will be out in June!

UNLOCKED is a must read! Click on the book cover.

Simple Truths

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