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Greetings Friend,

I have been radio silent for a while on this blog as I work on my Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. I also teach high school accounting and personal finance. I’ve done a lot of writing, just not here on the blog. Each week I write two discussion question responses and somethings two papers or I might create a PowerPoint presentation or lesson plan. Needless to say, my writing life has kept going, just down a different road.

I end my first year as a teacher next week and I’m glad I survived. I learned to never underestimate the time and energy it takes to teach our young people. The amazing gifts of the teachers I work with are poured out every day. I don’t know a teacher who only works school hours. Most will be taking classes this summer. I know I will. Many are up late grading papers, writing lesson plans or crafting some sort of unique project to make school more interesting.

It matters every day

Hats off to all teachers. I’ve always known this to be a difficult yet rewarding profession because I watched my mom care for her students with notes on their English papers to encourage them. I witnessed my sister Kathy tenderly care for the 4th graders she taught for over 30 years. My brother, Jack, retired last year from over 30 years teaching automotive technology at a college. While they retire from the career they love, I’m just getting started.

The Future of the World is in my Classroom Today

Why teach, you say? Because I’ve always felt called to share what I’ve learned in the years I’ve worked in the accounting profession. Over twenty years ago I wrote on a devotion in my Bible, “Is teaching for me, Lord?” Each time I’d come to that devotion, I’d write another note. “Perhaps teaching Bible?” “Maybe I’m supposed to teach by writing books?” “Lord, is this me?”


He answered with a resounding, “Yes, this is you,” when I was laid off from my job. I learned shortly thereafter that I qualify for a retraining program. I took a long shot and asked if I could retrain to be a teacher. I was accepted into the program and in June spring I started classes at Grand Canyon University. Then this part-time teaching job came to me and I’ve been able to put what I’m learning right to use in the classroom. So now I get to teach students how to take care of their own money and how to account for someone else’s books. I also get to teach English which I’m thrilled about. I’ll be student teaching English classes next fall. I feel like I’m following in my mom’s footsteps and that makes me smile.

I want to encourage you today. If you are at a crossroad in your career and want a change, it’s never too late. If you think you are too old, you aren’t. The world needs you. So ask the Lord, “Is this for me, Lord?” It is my hope and my prayer that you hear “Yes it is, my daughter.” or  “Yes, it is, my son.” He is faithful and gives you the desires of your heart.

Bless you,


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