A Million Miles in A Thousand Years

Hello Friend!

I hope you have had a fun summer.

I had a great summer and I’m sad to see it end. It is hard to believe we are nearing the end as fall begins in just a few days.

Over the summer, I made a list of books recommended by Michael Hyatt and started reading. The first book I picked up was Donald Miller’s, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story


Where was I when this book was published in 2011? Somehow I missed this gem until now.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is a book about taking action to edit the scenes in our life stories. Donald Miller found himself in a funk after writing several books including his best seller, Blue Like Jazz .

As he created a screen-play for Blue Like Jazz, Miller was challenged to look at the structure of his own story and decided to make some changes in his life.

This book includes many personal stories from Donald Miller’s life as he made the choice to live differently. He got off the couch and started riding his bike. It wasn’t a ride down the street, but a ride across America raising money for water wells in Africa.

He rode miles with friends in kayaks and unexpectedly met Bob Goff (author of Love Does – Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World.) Donald and his friends spent eight hours with the Goff’s in a life changing experience of irresistible love.

One touching story relates to his struggle to decide whether to contact his father who abandoned him when he was young. He shares the real ebbs and flows of choosing to do the difficult things that might just change the trajectory of our lives.

As an author, I also related to this book because the elements of story are used to help Miller look at scenes from his life and determine to make some changes. I enjoyed his reference to story structure.

I was definitely challenged by this book to take a look at the story of my own life.  Am I living he story I want to live? I want to put myself in more situations that require me to get out of my comfort zone.

The timing of this book coming to my attention was perfect. Last week we moved our son Gabe to his own apartment two hours away. And he took his service dog Ruth with him. The house is so quiet. A new chapter of my story begins.

This Thursday I will get to meet my new granddaughter who will join Avery and Ellison. I can hardly wait for this exciting part of the story.

In two weeks I will finish my seventeen year stint working at D+H (originally EZTeller, then Harland Financial Solutions, then purchased by D+H.) I will be laid off on October 1, 2016 as a part of a reorganization of our company. I will miss the people who were part of that story but I’m excited to swee what’s next.

Some of my life adventures are completely out of my control but I’m sure they will bring a spark into the new season ahead of me.

Steve and I are on a new adventure of living in an empty next. I hope to write and speak more. I want to spend more time with my grandchildren. I’d like to travel and enjoy the beauty of God’s country. I hope to go on a mission trip.

What bucket list items are you ready to check off?

Is there something about your life your’d like to edit?

I pray for you as God directs your path for whatever is around the corner. I know I’m listening closely for directions and I know it will be a great adventure!

Bless you friend as you edit the story of your life. Make it beautiful!



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