Easter is full of HOPE and LOVE

Easter Blessings of HOPE and LOVE sent your way!


Photo Courtesty of www.Marvelsflowers.com

There is nothing like the giggle of my granddaughter as she hunts for hidden plastic eggs throughout our home. In Seattle, sometimes the egg hunts don’t make it outside. Yesterday was one of those days because of the rain.

But we all had a great time despite the rainy weather.

Avery excitedly searched in every room to find the many eggs hidden earlier in the day. She opened each egg carefully to see the surprise inside.

These are the lessons we can teach our children and grandchildren as they open each egg:

When the egg is empty, it is a reminder of the empty tomb, and the resurrection life we receive because of Easter.

When the egg is filled with candy, it reminds us that God is the giver of good gifts, the best gift given to us on Easter – life everlasting.

When the egg has a coin in it, we are reminded that God is our provider. He knows our needs and provides the way to meet them. (And Disneyland is one quarter closer!)

Three Eggs

Yes, Easter is so much more than egg hunts, bunnies, candy and gifts. It is about the gift of life everafter given to each of us as we trust in the One and Only, Jesus Christ.

Not because we did anything to earn this gift, but just because he Loves us. It is about HOPE and LOVE for today and tomorrow.

It was a doubly special day for my family because we also celebrated our oldest son, Zane’s, birthday. He is another reminder of God’s good gifts. I am beyond blessed to be his mom.

Birthday Blessings

On this Easter Monday, my heart is full of HOPE and LOVE. I hope yours is too.

My prayer for you, dear friend, is that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can HOPE in God’s LOVE for all of your todays and tomorrows. He loves you more than you know.

I do too!

Be Blessed.

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