The Fun Has Begun!

Saturday February 16 2013 5:37 pm | Comments (1) Tags: , , , ,

And they’re off! The first of my Lenten Love Letters were mailed this week!

Have you written yours?

For me, the fun has truly begun.

I’ve already heard from one recipient – reminding me that an encouraging word in due season brings joy to the receiver.

The walk to the post office might be the best part of sending out encouraging notes–because I am out of shape!

I have to admit, the winter was not good for my body.  I need to shed more than a few pounds.

Actually, I need an extreme makeover in more areas than my physical body.

As part of this makeover, I’m also working on being a better communicator. 

I grew up in a family of ten kids. I never learned to speak up for myself. Really, who hears you with that many voices competing to be heard?

For me it was easier to do what I was told and be quiet. That can be a recipe for disaster in relationships.

I’m learning to use my voice. And thanks to Godly wisdom and council, I’m making progress.

Some days it goes over well and other days it feels like an epic fail.

So I search for answers.

This week I dove head first into the extreme makeover manual – The Bible.

I joined Margaret Feinberg in a challenge to read the entire Bible in 40 days.

I decided I could accomplish this goal if I listen on my iPhone with my You Version Bible. I like the man’s voice in the ESV Version. He brings the words to life.

He talks to me while I get ready in the morning, during breakfast, and on my commute to and from work. With 45 minutes of listening per day, I will have the entire Bible “read” by Easter Sunday.

That’s right! The whole enchilada.

If you want to join me, Margaret has created an easy to follow plan. Click HERE for the PDF.

How about you? What areas of your life need a little makeover? Share with me and we’ll pray together, linking arms as we work on areas that need some help.

And maybe I’ll send you some encouraging Scripture or a little note to help you along the way.

God Bless your heart!


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Lent – A Season of Preparing Your Heart for Easter

Friday February 8 2013 10:14 pm | Comments (2) Tags: , , ,

Bless you, my friend!

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I added a note here.

It’s good to be back. I’ve missed you.

I can’t believe next Wednesday, February 13th, is Ash Wednesday.

This day, on the traditional liturgical calendar begins the forty-day count down to Easter.

The purpose of this season is to reflect on the forty days Jesus fasted in the wilderness before He began His public ministry.

I’ve always viewed it as a time of reflection and preparation as I give my time to others.

A season of examining one’s heart and spending time with the Lord in confession and repentance.

I love this season.

Not only for the focus on Jesus preparation for the cross, but also because it is spring time.

The gray of the winter gives way to bluer skies and greener grass.

The birds come home to build their nests.

The leaves sprout and the early flowers bloom.

This year, I’m especially looking forward to spring, Easter and new beginnings.

It’s been a long hard winter of my soul. How about you? Are you ready for spring too?

I write encouragement to others as a way to lift my spirits when I feel down in the dumps.  I hope you’ll try it!

This week I’m asking God to help me create my Lenten Love Letter List. 

This is a list of people God puts on my heart during the days leading up to Easter. I simply pray and ask God, “Who needs a kind word of encouragement today?”

It has been amazing to see how it all works out.

Will you join me this year in a focused period of writing encouragement to people who cross your path?

Let’s do this together as we prepare our hearts for Easter.

I can see the ripple of encouragement that will send waves across the world.

Are you in?

Leave me a note in the comments and together we will celebrate the power of a kind word.

God bless your heart with encouragement.


PS – I’m praying that God will let me know if its YOU who needs the encouragement.