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I’ve been reading a fabulous book by Mary Demuth.

Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus

I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how impactful and timely this book has been for me.

I scribbled on nearly every page as I saw something of myself in each story.

I took copious notes asking myself some tough questions.

I love everything about Everything.

Fellow Everything booklaunch team members have also shared the impact of this book on their lives.

Here’s a cool photo Renee Ann Smith created on Pinterest.

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Truly, Everything is a life-changing book.

I’ve lived in the Great Yesterday most of my life, constantly looking back, so much so that my spiritual neck has whiplash. Quote by Author, Mary DeMuth

I should have written that line for myself.

I admit that I’ve been one to spend too much time looking back. (Maybe that explains my years of physical therapy on my neck!)

Too much reliving (and often regretting) my past.

So much thinking of yesterday that I miss out on today.

Too many “what if’s” and not enough “what next.”

I don’t want to look back. I want to live in the now.

I look forward to my future with great expectations of goodness–for my marriage and family, and my career.

Do I really need to figure out why things happened the way they did?

Or am I ready to just settle into the wonderful life God has given me.

It is time to remember God chose me for such a time as this. To live in this now.

To be married to Steve Murfitt.

To be mom to Zane and Gabe and mother-in-law to Kelsey.

To be “Nana” to the new babygirl due to arrive any day.

To be an author and speaker willing to share how Jesus is….My Everything.

This is all part of the plan for me all along.

God is rebuilding me and putting together the broken pieces of my life.

To make a new mosaic from my story that will shine for His glory.

To write a new book to draw people to Jesus.

Let’s make a deal and stop looking back.

God has so much planned for our today. And even more for our future.

God Bless you my sweet friend. I love EVERYTHING about you.


Mary has a great FREE study guide here  http://www.marydemuth.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/EverythingBibleStudyGuide.pdf

If you are interested in joining me as we walk through this life-changing book, leave a comment and we’ll get a group started.

Buy the book today (October 23rd) and get some sweet FREEBIES


Grace Flow

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Over the past month I’ve found myself smiling at my husband and making the statement, “GRACE FLOW.”

I feel like God is moving in my family in enormous ways.

This “GRACE FLOW” talk started when our counselor was praying for us.

He blessed us with eyes to see the flow of God’s Grace upon our lives because we are willing to work on some “stuff” that has kept us stuck in our communication and family life.

He asked us to read Arthur Murray’s book, Humility. Out with pride. In with humilty.

We were challenged to release the wounds of our past. Healing begins.

We began to focus on how we could act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God in all areas of our life. Love grows.

Bondage that has kept us stuck is being removed. Grace flows.

Photo from WheatonBible.org


So many beautiful things that are evidenced in a life surrendered fully to Christ.

We have trusted God for our marriage and our family.

Here are just a few things that have happened in our GRACE FLOW

  • **Our book, My Message is C.L.E.A.R. was a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite book contest. We didn’t win but we made the top five in our category.
  • **We recorded the audio version of My Message is C.L.E.A.R. AudioInk it is producing it in record time. Watch for news on this soon.
  • **I orchestrated a successful writer’s retreat for The Northwest Christian Writer’s Association.
  • **Steve and I had a blast speaking together at The Father’s Network conference last weekend.
  • **Our oldest son, Zane, and his beautiful wife, Kelsey, are expecting their baby girl any day now.
  • **Our youngest son, Gabe, is off on a whirl-wind speaking tour where he’ll touch thousands of lives in the state of Montana.
  • **My Ebook, Caregivers’ Devotions to Go, was #1 on Amazon this past week when my publisher promoted it free for a day.
  • **We have been blessed with some nice donations to our foundation.
  • **We received an unexpected bonus.
  • **Gabe is signing books tonight for My Message is C.L.E.A.R. at the Billings Barnes and Noble
  • **Steve and Gabe will be speaking to a Businessman’s lunch in November
  • **Several schools in Washington state have booked Gabe to speak in the new year.

Like I said – WHEW. GRACE FLOW!

I am truly humbled by the magnificant change taking place in my family and ministry life.

My friend. I want to see the flow of Grace in your life too.

I pray for you so often.

I pray that whatever might be keeping you in bondage and blocking the flow of God’s grace will be revealed to your willing heart.

I pray God will bring people into your life to speak open and honest truth.

Please email me or comment on my blog so I can pray for you about any area of your life.

God bless you with GRACE! Let it FLOW!


Speaking at The Father’s Network

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Steve and I have the priviledge of speaking together at The Father’s Network one-day conference held at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington on Saturday, October 6, 2012. We will speak at 11:40 a.m.

Here is a link to the conference information: http://fathersnetwork.org/2012/10/04/last-blast-of-conference-information/

It is an honor to share our story with a group of fathers of special needs children.

Steve relates. He is one of them.

I get to go along and share encouragement from the wife’s point of view.

Raising a child with a disability is not easy as a parent.

It is even more difficult as a spouse.

Too often our special needs child demands so much of our time we neglect our spouse and marital issues arise.

We’ve been there. It has caused some difficult days in our marriage.

But there is HOPE.

We’ve learned that if our focus is first turned to Jesus, then we have clear direction for a Godly life where we love our spouse first and then our children.

Pray with us as we share our story with the hope to encourage these dads to trust that God sees their individual situation and has answers for their challenges.

We’re moving into exciting times where God is gracing us with more opportunities to share our story. We are seeing a flow of grace that is unbelievably amazing!

I am truly doing a HAPPY DANCE as I Praise God for recent miracles in our family.

God Bless your heart,


FREE Ebook October 4, 2012 – Caregivers’ Devotions to Go Hits #1 on Amazon

My publisher has agreed to offer the EBook of Caregivers’ Devotions to Go on Amazon Kindle for FREE. It happened on October 4, 2012.

As a result, my book hit #1 in the Parenting Advice category and #4 in the Spiritual Religion – Christianity category.

Gotta love it.

Hurry while it remains free.

God bless your caring heart

Gigi Murfitt