Jesus is My Everything

If Jesus stood before you today and asked if you’d like to get well, how would you respond?

Especially lately, I’m challenged with this question from Mary DeMuth’s new book Everything – What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus (October 16, 2012).

I’ve been dealing with physical issues that have felt overwhelming at times.

Last week I learned I have arthritis in my back. (Big OUCH)

I’m not holding on to that diagnosis because I know that Jesus is my healer and I want to cooperate with Him to walk this out. So when Jesus asks me if I want to be well, my answer is YES, I will do EVERYTHING to cooperate to be whole.

I’ve experienced incredible healing in my soul as Jesus became my EVERYTHING twenty-two years ago when our son Gabe entered the world with multiple congenital birth defects. I learned to trust that Jesus would help us to teach Gabe how to live a successful life – even with short arms, crooked legs and a severe hearing loss.

As part of Mary’s launch team for her new book, we were challenged to make a short video to explain why Jesus is our EVERYTHING. So here goes!

I hope you’ll make Jesus your EVERYTHING too.

God Bless your heart with Everything He has for you.

Read a few sample chapters here!

Tell me how Jesus is your EVERYTHING – leave a comment.  {HUGS}

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  1. Comment by Mary DeMuth — August 15, 2012 @ 2:25 pm

    What a terrific story!

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