God, A Woman and a Man

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Today is our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Steven!

June 22, 1985 -- Mr. and Mrs. Steven Murfitt

I was reflecting back on our ceremony and remembered the special song we chose for that day.

I  found the lyrics on Google along with a guitar rendition. Oh the power of the internet!

God, A Woman and a Man

If there never was a singer Then there’d never be song

If there never was a mother Where would the child belong

If a life was not worth living I could not understand

But as a gift was made for giving So was a woman made for a man

God from the beginning Had it in His plan

To join into one flesh This woman and this man

In the fullness of the Spirit’s love We move to make our stand

For the binding of a promise Between God a woman and a man

If there never was a painter Then there’d be no canvas done

If there never was a morning Then there’d be no rising sun

If the music had no melody No purpose for the band

But as a love was meant for sharing So was a woman made for a man


Marriage can be like an adventurous ride

— sometimes like the slow and sweet ferris wheel

—–and other times like the twisting and turnng roller coaster.

God has been faithful all these years to keep us from falling off!

Thank you, Steven, for riding with me all these years.

I’m asking the Lord to bless the next twenty-seven years with His amazing mercy and grace.

God bless you


Remember the Days

We celebrated Father’s day with my husband, Steve, this past weekend.

After a fun day at Gabe’s Challenger Little League Jamboree, my son, Zane, and his wife, Kelsey, came over to our house for dinner. We enjoyed hanging out on the back deck while Steve tended to the grill.

Gabe’s friend Danielle was able to join us too. She’s home from college and about to head off to Korea to teach English.

Father's Day Dinner 2012

There is nothing like the sound of your children’s laughter as they remember stories of their youth.

I come from a family of great story tellers. Each person’s version is unique and it makes for a fun time.

As the weekend wound to a close, I spent the evening combing through old pictures on my computer.

I was reminded how quickly time passes. I realized this was Steve’s twenty-sixth father’s day.

Really? Where has the time gone?

It wasn’t that long ago that Zane painted a big rock in his elementary school class to give to Steve as a Father’s day gift.

It seemed like he became a man in the blink of an eye.

Now Zane is about to become a father himself.

Some days I get frightened that the days are going by too quickly. If not for my journal where I record the memories, I’d forget all that God has done in these days.

But this I know.

The One who made time, has counted every moment as precious.

He has ordained every day before one of them came to be.

He sees me and all my concerns about missing that moment in time and He says, Gigi, focus your eyes on me and I will help you through the times and seasons I’ve ordained for you.

I don’t want to forget.

So I write it down.

I hope you write it down too.

God Bless your sweet memories.


The River Rose – by Gilbert Morris

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Historical inspirational romance is a desired genre on my reading list so I am delighted I was given a copy of Gilbert Morris’s most recent novel, The River Rose. It released June 1, 2012 from B&H Publishing Group

I can’t believe this is the first book I’ve read by Dr. Morris. It won’t be my last.

Author Gilbert Morris

He didn’t start writing novels until he was nearly fifty years old. I can’t imagine writing a novel in one month but Gilbert Morris has done just that. He has written 228 novels.

From the beginning of this novel, The River Rose, I imagined myself becoming friends with the protagonist, Mrs. Jeanne Bettencourt.

I liked her spunky attitude as a single mom of eight-year old Marvel, living in the 1850’s. I’ve always wanted to wear the long dresses with petticoats, bonnets and parasols, so I envisioned strolling along the Memphis streets with Jeanne.

She struggles to provide support for her daughter until hope shines on their future when Jeanne inherits a half interest in a riverboat, The Helena Rose, from a distant relative.

Jeanne had grown up on her father’s riverboat , but had never piloted on her own. A strong will to succeed drove her to a new business venture piloting the paddle wheeler from Memphis to Little Rock and cities in between.

From the beginning, I had my eye on Clint Hardin, a handsome machinist with a beautiful singing voice and a fighting spirit. All the ladies are interested in Clint, except Jeanne Bettencourt. But when he inherits the other half of The Helena Rose, a business partnership is formed and their relationship is strictly business.

Although he is interested in the beautiful Jeanne, I wasn’t too sure which direction their relationship would go.

Along the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers, the plot takes some twists and turns. Circumstances continue to stretch Jeanne’s Christian faith. Throughout the book, I never knew what waited around the next bend. There are several unexpected surprises that make it an interesting read.

I highly recommend this book if you like inspirational historical fiction.


I’d love to give you a FREE COPY of The River Rose by Gilbert Morris.

I will give you one entry into the contest for each item below. A winner will be randomly chosen and notified by Monday, June 18, 2012.

1. In the comments section of my blog, answer the following question:
If you inherited a paddle wheeler, what would you name her?

2. Go to Gilbert’s Facebook page and LIKE it: https://www.facebook.com/gilbertmorrisbooks

Be sure to come back to my blog and tell me you LIKED it.

I will contact the winner to make arrangements to send you the book.

Here are the links to Gilbert’s online outposts which will help you learn more about him:

Website and Blog: http://www.gilbertmorris.com/

Blog Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GilbertMorris

E-Newsletter (to receive subscriber-only giveaways & previews of his upcoming novels): http://gilbertmorris.com/news.htm

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gilbertmorrisbooks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/gilbert_morris

Pinterest: https://twitter.com/#!/gilbert_morris

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from B&H Publishing Group. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Thanks for helping me spread the word about this enjoyable novel.

Come back to my blog for more book reviews in the coming weeks. Next up – Karen Kingsbury’s Coming Home.

Have a great week!


A Story of Olympic Redemption

I want to share a wonderful story of God’s grace and redemption.

Dominique Moceanu - Young USA gymnast

Remember the beautiful gymnast, Dominique Moceanu?

She captured our hearts in the 2006 Olympics as a young fourteen year old firecracker.

We watched and wondered about her life.

We had no idea the secret that would be revealed when the truth was told.

This story captured my attention because it is the triumphant story of God’s mercy and grace working not only in Dominique’s life, but also in the life of the sister she knew nothing about until recent years. A sister born with a disability. A sister with a love of gymnastics who decided Dominique was her hero, long before she knew she was her sister.

God works like that. He brings families together and the discovery of the DNA they share is a remarkable testimony to God’s design.

Please watch this YouTube video story of a triumphant reunion.

Dominique’s new book should be a great read. I’ll write a review after I’ve finished reading it.

God is a redeemer of stories like this.

Lives out of balance will come into balance when God brings about His most wonderful plan.

Tell me where you are off balance so I can pray for you today.



Amazing Grace is a Sound so Sweet

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.

I believe with my whole heart that I was placed on this earth to make Jesus famous.

Because His grace has saved me.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been studying the lives of some Biblical characters. I relate to these people.

How about the woman at the well? As a Samaritan woman, she drew her water in the heat of the day. Was it to avoid those who looked down on her? Jesus approached her there anyway. He already knew of her sin filled life. He spoke of it once and never mentioned it again. He didn’t quote her a bunch of Scripture to show her how awful she was. He didn’t beat her down. He lifted her head and reminded her that the living water would come from the only source that never runs dry – Jesus! He sent her on her way with a song in her heart. Oh Lord, give me the grace to treat people like that – even those who have committed many sins.

How about the woman caught in adultery. There she was in the city square surrounded by her accusers carrying stones intended to kill her. But when Jesus stepped between her and her accusers, he requested them to drop the stones. One by one from the oldest to the youngest they dropped the stones and walked away. The woman was left with the only thing she would ever need – Jesus.

Then there is Zacchaeus – the chief tax collector. Probably like a modern day drug lord or pimp. He was a bad dude. But someone told him about Jesus so he made his way to the city to try to get a glimpse of him. He couldn’t see over the heads of the people waiting for Jesus to pass by so he climbed a sycamore tree. Jesus sought him out and approached him in the tree.  He knew every sin this man had ever committed. Did Jesus ever mention them in Scripture? NO! He only asked him to come down and go have lunch with Jesus.  Time with Jesus changed this man’s heart. It has changed mine too.

Oh the Grace of God! So loving and so merciful toward the worst of the sinners. Including me!

Today I pray that whatever you are going through you’d hear my heart. God wants to pour mercy and grace over your life. He does not condemn you. He isn’t keeping score. He desires you to draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

Oh the stories I could tell of my own encounters with Jesus on the many detours off the road he set out for me.

Oh the stories I could tell of the wonderful ways He showed me out of the dark places of my sin and into the glorious light.

Oh the stories I could tell of the powerful love I feel when I sit down and spend time with Him in the study of His Word.

Oh how I want that for you my friend!

God Bless Your Heart with freedom because of Amazing Grace.


This blog post is a part of Renee Ann Smith’s “Come to the Table” blog tour. Check it out at www.ReneeAnnSmith.com

Divine Detour

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Kathy Harris for her Divine Detour blog.

Because my maiden name is Devine, this blog caught my eye and I started reading it many months ago. Kathy interviews authors and musicians and helps promote their work.

I am grateful for someone like Kathy who is willing to bless the writer within.

Not only because of the name, Divine Detour, but also because I’ve been on more than one detour in my life’s journey.

God knows the way to our destination

But amazingly, God has transformed my Devine Detour into a Divine Detour every time I give it all to Him.

He is always faithful to point me to the redirection signs and lead me to the intended destination.

If you’ve found yourself off the path God planned for you, be encouraged. Recalibrate and follow His direction home.

Trust Him, He knows the way.

Here is the link to my Divine Detour interview: http://www.divinedetour.com/?p=14379

God bless your heart.



My Celebration Ends!

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Today officially ends my week long birthday celebration!

I could easily keep this up but I’d better stop. I am thankful for my wonderful friends and family who made it special.

My week ended with a fun lunch at Russell’s Cafe in Molbak’s with my BFF – Cheryl Penn.

We sat in the beautiful atrium amongst exotic plants and the soothing sound of the fountain. It’s one of my favorite places to have lunch because it feels like paradise.

Needless to say the food was delicious and the company even greater.

Hearts from heaven

Check out the three hearts in my soup. Now that was a kiss from heaven.

Cheryl bought me the coolest steel plant holder. It holds two potted plants and three hanging planters. I put my HOPE chimes on one of the hooks and they’ve been singing in the wind. I’m putting together the other pots and I’ll post a photo when it’s finished.

My Facebook friend, Bernice Schick dropped off six potted perrenial plants to add to my garden.

It has truly been a blessed birthday week and the plants will bless me all summer long!

I look forward to another year of learning and growing and living the life God planned for me.

And I’ll enjoy my perrenial birthday blessings for years to come, too.

I am one blessed woman. I feel God’s love and I pray that you do too.

Did you know that you are the ONE He loves? I celebrate the day you were born!

God Bless Your Heart!