Love Does No Harm

Wednesday April 18 2012 10:23 pm | Comments (0) Tags: , ,

Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law. Romans 13:10

God is Love. If you want to give someone God then give them your love. God will take over from there.

I have to admit there are some people in my life who are difficult to love. But God asks me to love them anyway. He wants me to show them I care.

What if God put it in someone’s heart to come to me for help and I do not show them love? That would break God’s heart.

If everyone had love in their heart then there would be no dark days.

The joy of knowing God and being His love to others brings light to a dark situation.

Be the light that brightens someone’s dark day today. Show them your love.

God Bless Your Heart,


The idea for this blog post came from the April 18 devotional in “God Calling” edited by AJ Russell and published by Barbour Publishing.

April 18 — my brother-in-law Gary’s birthday. Happy Birthday Gary! Oh yeah, and thanks for the SUNshine today!