Majesty of the Seas


Majesty of the Seas

Steve and I just returned from our first cruise on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship – Majesty of the Seas.

We sailed to Nassau, Bahamas and spent the afternoon at The Atlantis Resort reminiscing about our vacation there in 1999.

Beautiful Atlantis Resort

We also spent time with my friend and best-selling author, Karen Kingsbury. The cruise was a Karen Kingsbury and Friends Cruise sponsored by Premier Christian Cruises.

With Matthew West

We enjoyed concerts from Mandisa, Matthew West, Anthem Lights, Britt Nichole and Tim Halperin. It was fabulous!

With Mandisa!

Due to strong winds, we were unable to make the stop in CocoCay so we spent an extra day in Nassau. We used the day to rest and check out the twelve decks of the ship. We had fun with Steve’s camera.

Our Dinner Friends

Our next port of call was Key West, Florida. We had a fun trolley tour and lunch at Flat Jacks. I left my purse on the ship so we had a bit of a panic but I was able to get back on without my ID or passport. Thanks God!

Wind! Snuggle up!

We left Key West in a beautiful sunset and enjoyed our last dinner with our table mates who became fast friends.

We landed back in Miami early Friday morning.

Our plane was detoured to Lafayette, LA due to severe weather in Houston coupled with President Barack Obama traveling out of the city. That delay made us miss our flight but we were blessed to catch the last flight home.

We enjoyed time away together and meeting new friends.

Fun at sea

We are grateful to Karen for the her generosity in making this cruise possible and planning the fun events.

I’d love to go back next year.

Will you join me and a bunch of my friends for the Karen Kingsbury Cruise 2013? Start saving now!

Blessings on your life today. I pray you are sailing smoothly through God’s plan for you. May you feel God’s “kiss” upon your cheek!



  1. Comment by Renette Steele — March 13, 2012 @ 6:27 pm

    Love getting to know you better on the cruise! What a GOD blessed time we had!!! Hope to see you next year!!!

  2. Comment by Luana Wilson — March 13, 2012 @ 8:11 pm

    What a beautiful write up here! It made me feel like I was there myself! Heehee! It truly was a wonderful experience. Greg and I feel most blessed over our new friendships we’ve made from this cruise. Karen always talks about laughter being good and healthy for our livers…I know for a FACT that we all came home with a happy liver!! And feeling “kissed on the cheek by God”. 🙂

    Hi to Steve also! (Brah!)

    Much love,
    Greg and Luana

  3. Comment by gigi — March 13, 2012 @ 8:19 pm

    I believe it was truly God’s divine kiss on our cheek to have you and Greg at our table. I believe our new found friendship has only just begun! We have some delightful photos of you two so we’ll have to share them – from Steve’s camera. Let’s really try to get together sooner than later. If you are available April 13th we are hosting a book launch party here in Seattle. It’s a Friday night so it might be difficult to make that one. If not, we’ll host more as we get this book out to our readers. God’s blessing sent your way. I loved how much we laughed and I know it was so good for both of us. Take good care. Gigi

  4. Comment by gigi — March 13, 2012 @ 8:20 pm

    Renette. It was SO much fun to meet your husband and to spend a little more time with you. I can’t wait until we do a book signing in Billings and get to spend more time and have you meet my sister and brother in law. We are getting our calendar out now trying to figure out when that will take place. Stay tuned!!

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