Memorial Day

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It’s here! Memorial day weekend 2011.

Yesterday my Canadian friend Karen laughed with me about her observation that the weekend seemed to be all about sales on meat for the big barbeque.

Memorial Day sales and barbequed burgers and hot dogs.

Is that what it’s really about?

I don’t think so.

It is really about decorating the graves of those lost in service.

But in our quest for beaches and hot dogs and sales on sandals, I think we’ve forgotten those who served our country.

I remember when I was a little girl I wore a red poppy pin in memory of soldiers who died for our freedom.

I found this little poem by Moina Michael to remember the red poppy that symbolizes a life sacrificed.

We cherish too, the Poppy red

That grows on fields where valor led,

It seems to signal to the skies

That blood of heroes never dies.

So I hope you’ll take time to decorate a soldier’s grave before you head out to that picnic or sale.

God Bless You with wonderful memories this weekend. 


Shout out to my niece Meghan on her birthday (May 26th) and my sister-in-law Linda who shares a birthday with me (May 27) and my brother-in-law Denny who turned another year older on Sunday. It’s a birthday weekend!

Tribute to a Retiring Teacher

Tonight my sister Kathy Devine Goodheart is being honored at a retirement party.

She is leaving the teaching career she has loved these past thirty-seven years.

I’m sad I can’t be at the party because it conflicts with the writing conference our organization is putting on this weekend.

L-R Front Row Shelley, LeAnne, Marilyn, Judy Back Row Kathy, Patti, Gigi

But not being at the party doesn’t make me any less proud.

Trust me when I say her name is not Goodheart by accident.

My sister Marilyn is a Devine Poet extraordinaire.

Whenever there is a family celebration of life, Mar comes through with a poem.

So today I share the poem Marilyn wrote for Kathy.

Kathleen Marie Theresa (of the little flower) Devine Goodheart

She is the fourth of ten siblings
With a smile that is so Devine
With a heart as big as the universe
And a soul so pure and so kind.

Her banjo eyes would tell a story
With conviction and with desire
She had a passion for teaching
And now it’s time to retire.

Every student of hers will remember
The lessons taught with a ‘good heart’
The belief that every child she met
Had a right to learn and be smart.

Not all times were lessons in classrooms
Not all lessons were taught from a book
It was first aid and mittens and snow boots
Or times when she just gave that look.

They knew whenever she was near them
That each one was important to her
To her they each had a purpose
To each they knew who they were.

They were children with all different stories
Who wanted their stories to be heard
And wanted someone to believe in them
Who would focus on their every word.

These children were lucky to find one
That cared about them from the start
That gave them one hundred and ten percent
How lucky to know Mrs. Goodheart.

There were many Flat Stanley’s that traveled
With his colorful clothes and kind face
He transparently taught all those students
Each geographical place.

There is nothing like a good teacher
That forms an innocent mind
With love, with faith and conviction
It’s my sister, who is so Devine.

I believe that you made a difference
And followed your heart and desire
To make the world so much better
To teach, to love, to inspire.

May you leave the profession with a smile
And walk away with pride and with grace
Cause Kath you truly gave it your all
For the world is a much better place.

Enjoy this great time cause you earned it
And know there is pride from above
Cause you made them so proud for what you gave
Mom and Dad I am sure send their love.

Kath-Sorry I couldn’t be there tonight but know I celebrate everyday for being lucky enough to call you my sister!

Congratulations and enjoy your retirement…the next chapter in this good thing called LIFE…love ya. Marilyn

Ditto for me, Kathy.


Writer’s Conference BLESSING

I’m very excited to see what God has in store for me this weekend at the Northwest Christian Writer’s Renewal Conference at Overlake Church in Redmond, WA.

I get to meet incredible agents, editors and fellow writer’s on the same journey.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m pitching because I’m working on a few things.

My HOPE in the Aftermath booklet of stories and Scripture to get you through an emergency is likely what I’ll share.

It will be a helpful tool to keep in your emergency kit or to hand out in a crisis.

One thing I know for sure.

God will give me several God stops during this conference.

He always does.

I want to share a God-STOP that already happened on Monday.

I offered to pay for the conference for one of my friends.

She has been an amazing blessing to me and I wanted to bless her back.

So I set aside $189.00 to be able to cover the cost of the registration and a meal.

The day I committed to do this for her, I walked to my mailbox and returned with three reimbursement checks.

Two were from my visual insurance and one was a refund from a credit balance for Steve’s phone.

The total of the three checks was $189.18.

$189.18 in and $189.00 out. That’s my kind of math!

How is that for God giving back to me when I open my hand to bless someone else!

We serve a generous God!

Open your hands and give. You’ll be amazed to see the blessing come back.

God Bless Your Heart


Love of the Master

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God loves you.

He delights in your desires as much as He delights in your obedience.

Pray and Obey. This is what brings us closer to the Lord.

Friend to friend is the way we dare approach God.

Jesus came as the world’s greatest lover.

You have grace from the Holy Spirit to help you live like and to love as He did.

A lover understands our motives and our aspirations.

I have aspirations that are not understood by everyone in my sphere of influence.

I’ve learned I can’t expect others to understand but I know God understands the desires of my heart.

Some of what is on my heart is a foreign language to others.

I’ve learned not to judge those who don’t understand me.

God, the lover of my soul, understands.

Why not tell him your dreams?

God bless your heart with love of the Master.


Tell me, you whom I love, where you graze your flock and where you rest your sheep at midday. Song of Solomon 1:7

The idea for this blog post came from the May 14 devotional in God Calling edited by AJ Russell. I highly recommend this book as a tool for your daily walk with God.

Unusual Love – The Redeeming Kind

True Love

This is a picture of my current journal.

I couldn’t resist buying this one after I saw the cover photo.

A big dog and a little kitty.

It reminds me of so many things.

My first thought — BIG huge God loving itty-bitty me.

Yet He looks on me with eyes of love.

How different we are, God and me. 

He is perfect. I certainly am NOT!

Yet He loves me anyway.

I love how the kitty smiles up at the dog.

That’s me smiling because I feel so loved by God.

In this current journal I’m recording my thoughts as I work through the Book of Hosea and compare it to my own life story.

It is a beautiful story of redeeming love. God’s love for His people. God’s love for me.

This kind of love is oh so different than the natural love we have all experienced.

Redeeming love looks like this – even when I don’t deserve it, He loves me anyway.

I love that about God. With His great BIG heart, He loves little old me….and you too.

Did you know that it doesn’t matter what crazy thing you’ve done?  

He loves you anyway.

I’m excited to record my journey through the Book of Hosea.

In telling my story, I hope to take your hand and put it in the hand of my redeeming lover….Jesus.

I desire for you to experience this same kind of love.

It makes me want to stay up all night to finish the chapters of my book.

It truly is my own redeeming love story.

And I can’t WAIT to share it with you.

God Bless Your Heart with Redeeming Love


If you’ve never read the book by Francine Rivers titled REDEEMING LOVE, I highly recommend it. It is a love story of epic proportions. I’m all over a good love story.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon

Three-fold Cord

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It’s nice to have someone to help me make decisions.

Agreeing with one another is not always easy.

When disagreements rise up, it can feel like storm clouds overhead.

I imagine you’ve been through some difficult storms.

I know God has led me and my husband Steve through several.

It seems in the various seasons of our life a different kind of storm blows through.

Our deep friendship and great desire to love each other and serve God has helped us weather these tough seasons.

There are few friendships in the world like ours.

Steve and I met on the ski slopes when we were in high school. I was a junior and he was a sophomore.

Our towns (I lived in Anaconda, MT and Steve in Philipsburg, MT) were thirty miles apart with the Discovery Basin Ski Resort tucked in between.

In our younger years, we skied together almost every weekend.

I have a box of letters we wrote to each other through the years as our friendship developed.

We ended up at the same college (Go GRIZ!) and Steve let me cry on his shoulder many times as I tried to find my way in relationships.

He was my BFF. (Best Friend Forever)

We went our separate ways after college but we kept in touch with letters and phone calls.

I moved to Dallas, TX to start over after a very difficult storm shook my foundation.

About six months later Steve was hired for a company in Las Colinas, TX and moved only a mile from my apartment.

We had a blast together exploring the big city and our friendship blossomed to love.

We were married a year later and now we have two wonderful sons and a daughter-in law.

We celebrate our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary this summer.

There is great power when two people together on the same path use God as the guide.

But what has made us strong is that God is the Divine third person in our relationship.

It is with His power that it all works out for good. It isn’t always easy, but God is our shelter in the storm.

There is strength in numbers and a three-fold chord is not easily broken.

Through tough times, this cord holds us together.

I pray you will have a Divine third in your life. He brings strength to every relationship.

God bless your heart with strong friendships with God in the center.


Again I say to you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 18:19

The idea for this blog post came from the May 11 Devotional in God Calling by AJ Russell.

Delay is Not Denial

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For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9

I want it NOW!

Have you ever heard that demand? Ever made that demand of God?

Trust that God’s timing is perfect. Ours is not. There is so much more to the story than we can see. Our view is street level. God’s view is like that from the helicopter that sees for miles in every direction. He knows what lies ahead.

For more than ten years I’ve had several books brewing in my heart and in my journal. I wanted to write a devotional or a Bible Study or a life story memoir type book about the amazing way God has walked me through some difficult seasons.

It just wasn’t happening. I was busy raising my family, serving in my church, studying at Seattle Ministry Institute (SMI), starting our nonprofit organization – Gabriel’s Foundation of HOPE – and working part time at a software company.

It wasn’t the right time.

As my two boys reached adulthood, I completed my studies at SMI and we lifted our nonprofit organization off the ground. I still served in my church and worked part time at the same software company.

It was then that God opened the door for me to publish my first book – Caregivers’ Devotions to Go. The delay was not denial. It was simply waiting on God’s timing.

I know that God wanted me to wait to write it because some of the stories were still being played out in my life.

While working on my next two books I see the same thing happening. So I trust and wait upon the Lord to show me the next chapter to write.

I’ve learned the hard way. When I run ahead of God I usually trip and skin my knee. So I walk slowly by His side and listen to His voice. Then everything works out in God’s perfect timing.

So if you are wondering why something has been delayed, I’m asking God to bless you with the assurance that His ways are higher. Stick close and understand He’ll show you the right way and the right time to accomplish your goal.

God Bless Your Heart,


The theme for this blog was taken from the May 2 devotional in the God Calling book edited by AJ Russell

I Can Share My Hope With You

There isn’t much that I can do. But I can share my hopes with you. And I can share my life with you. And oftentimes share a prayer with you as on our way we go. Author unknown

Hope on the Horizon

When I read this quote on my 365 Days of HOPE calendar, it reminded me of the desire of my heart for my writing.

As I write, I pray for ways to share how God has given me hope in the midst of difficult trials of life.

My current work in progress is the completion of a book I’m writing with my son, Gabe.

My Message is C.L.E.A.R. – Hope and Strength in the Face of Life’s Greatest Adversities is the story of Gabe’s triumph over trials.

Every chapter tells of God’s goodness and kindness in the face of sometimes overwhelming circumstances.

But in the midst of the challenges, I have never lost hope.

So I will share my hopes with you as I share my life with you.

I will many times share a prayer with you as on our way we go.

Have a blessed day knowing that in all things we can find HOPE on the horizon.

God Bless Your Heart with HOPE.


Please join me in prayer that I can carve out more time to finalize this project and continue with my book too.