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Sunday April 10 2011 10:43 pm | Comments (0)

I’m anxious to be able to share with you two books that contain my stories. They are in a series published by Guideposts Books titled Extraordinary Answers to Prayer.

Book 10 is Praying Together. It contains my story titled Wheels for Gabriel which tells about how my family and friends as well as perfect strangers gathered around us and prayed for provision for Gabriel’s first wheelchair.

Book 11 is In Times of Change. In this book I share my favorite story titled The Dance of Faith where my prayers were answered during a trying time as Gabe moved into the scary junior high school years.

Guideposts is releasing these books each month over the next twelve months. I should have them available on my website by late fall 2011. Come visit my website for updates on when they are available.

In the meantime, the other books in the series make wonderful gifts. They can be purchased at the Guideposts Books website

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