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Monday June 22 2009 4:53 pm | Comments (0)

I have the most precious friends.  I only wish I could spend more time with them.  Last weekend we celebrated my son Zane’s wedding and the best part was having my friends there to celebrate.  It would have been great if  I could have invited more of them but our guest list was limited.  Those who were not invited to the wedding understand.  They know my heart was to include each one but the reception hall only holds so many people.  Our extended families took up most of the list limit!

So I am going to make sure my friends get invited to my Girlfriend Guild Gatherings.  My Girlfriend Guild is a group of women in my life I’ve invited to share an evening or afternoon with me once a month.  This time is a chance to share wisdom and love with the important women in my life.  In a world of Internet friendships, I’m making face-to-face time a priority.  So join me by creating your own girlfriend guild.

I was inspired by the idea from the Diva Celebration website ( ) created by my publisher Extreme Diva Media.  ( )  Our goal is to enhance the lives of women and a Girlfriend Guild is a fun way to gather together and celebrate friends.  The other inspiration for these gathering came from the time I’ve spent with my Starbucks friends.  I recently wrote an article about these three women.  I plan to invite them into my guild.  They have been best friends for over 75 years!  I think we can glean much wisdom from these precious gals who love and care for one another every day.

Just today they told me they were going to a wedding potluck to celebrate the 69th wedding anniversary of a couple in their circle of friends.  They calculated that collectively this group of friends have celebrated 317 years of marriage.  Celebrating my 24th wedding anniversary today, I’m inspired by this lofty number.  I hope to be celebrating my 69th anniversary with a group of life long friends surrounding me and Steve.  Amazing!

Come back to my blog to learn more about my girlfriend guild.  I’ll post information as we begin to meet and share encouragement with others.  I hope it inspires you to start a guild of your own.   I think it will be worth your while.

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