Girlfriend Guild

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I have the most precious friends.  I only wish I could spend more time with them.  Last weekend we celebrated my son Zane’s wedding and the best part was having my friends there to celebrate.  It would have been great if  I could have invited more of them but our guest list was limited.  Those who were not invited to the wedding understand.  They know my heart was to include each one but the reception hall only holds so many people.  Our extended families took up most of the list limit!

So I am going to make sure my friends get invited to my Girlfriend Guild Gatherings.  My Girlfriend Guild is a group of women in my life I’ve invited to share an evening or afternoon with me once a month.  This time is a chance to share wisdom and love with the important women in my life.  In a world of Internet friendships, I’m making face-to-face time a priority.  So join me by creating your own girlfriend guild.

I was inspired by the idea from the Diva Celebration website ( ) created by my publisher Extreme Diva Media.  ( )  Our goal is to enhance the lives of women and a Girlfriend Guild is a fun way to gather together and celebrate friends.  The other inspiration for these gathering came from the time I’ve spent with my Starbucks friends.  I recently wrote an article about these three women.  I plan to invite them into my guild.  They have been best friends for over 75 years!  I think we can glean much wisdom from these precious gals who love and care for one another every day.

Just today they told me they were going to a wedding potluck to celebrate the 69th wedding anniversary of a couple in their circle of friends.  They calculated that collectively this group of friends have celebrated 317 years of marriage.  Celebrating my 24th wedding anniversary today, I’m inspired by this lofty number.  I hope to be celebrating my 69th anniversary with a group of life long friends surrounding me and Steve.  Amazing!

Come back to my blog to learn more about my girlfriend guild.  I’ll post information as we begin to meet and share encouragement with others.  I hope it inspires you to start a guild of your own.   I think it will be worth your while.

Blog Tour Devotions to Go Book Series

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I am participating in a blog tour of the Devotions to Go series of books published by Extreme Diva Media.  These pocket sized books are a delightful way to share encouragement with a friend or a loved one.  Each book contains thirty stories to inspire the reader.

The size of these books make them a perfect travel item.  Carry them in your brief case, purse or diaper bag.  Read an encouraging story while waiting at the dentist office.  Get a face lift by smiling at some of the fun stories in each book.

Here is a list of the titles to choose from.  At $8.95 each they make a perfect gift.  Check out the website at to purchase these books. 

Devotions to Go Series

Bride’s Devotions to Go
Busy Moms’ Devotions to Go
Discouraged Moms Devotions to Go
Diva Delights Devotions to Go
Diva’s Devotions to Go
Dressed up Mom’s Devotions to Go
Fast Food Diva Devotions to Go
Fearless Moms’ Devotions to Go
Frazzled Moms’ Devotions to Go
Moms of Teens Devotions to Go
Moms over 50 Devotions to Go
Overwhelmed Moms Devotions to Go
Pastors’ Wives’ Devotions to Go
Pink Ribbon Devotions to Go
Real Moms’ Devotions to Go
Soccer Moms’ Devotions to Go
Sweet Tooth Diva Devotions to Go
Tea Lovers’ Devotions to Go
Work from Home Moms’ Devotions to Go
Working Women’s Devotions to Go

My two sisters who are breast cancer survivors have enjoyed the Pink Ribbon book.  My new daughter-in-law enjoyed the Bride’s Devotions in the month before her wedding.  I’m sure you’ll find the perfect book for whatever you need.

My book entitled Caregivers’ Devotions to Go will be available in the fall!  In the meantime, I hope you will pick up a few of the great books in the Devotions to Go series.  Happy Reading! 

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I’m feel like I am back in 1978 jamming in the car to Boston, Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago. But it’s 2009 and I’m on a road trip with my son Zane. My hands are drumming on the steering wheel as I maneuver the winding turns between Pullman to Liberty Lake. Zane grooves to the music with me. He likes these “old songs” as much as I did when I was his age.

“Hey bud. We need to make sure these songs are on your play list for the wedding reception.” I advise as I snap my fingers and sing “Shake your groove thing.”

“Got it covered. They are definitely on the list, Mom.” Zane joins me in the groovin‘. He’s an awesome dancer. I taught him everything he knows. Ha!

My family loves to dance. We’ll be shaking our groove thing in less than two weeks when Zane marries the love of his life – Kelsey. I am delighted to be adding a daughter to our testosterone filled house. Only they won’t be living in my house. That’s the purpose for the road trip.

I’m on my way to move Zane into the condo he will bring his bride to after their honeymoon. We left home at 5 am with a van loaded full of wedding gifts that were sent in advance, a bed, dresser and book shelf, snow tires, you name it. We picked up the keys and unloaded the van on a hot Sunday afternoon.

On the road again we drove to Pullman to pick up a couch and table donated to the happy couple from some college friends. Then we swung by his old apartment to pick up a heavy mirror. Thanks for your help Andrew. All of these things were heavy! We appreciate you.

Once we arrived at the condo again, Zane called his friend David. We were grateful for an extra pair of arms and some strong muscles. In ninety degree heat these young fraternity brothers used their youthful strength to help us get that heavy couch up three flights of stairs. The maneuver where we swung it out over the railing to make the hairpin turn scared the wits out of the neighbor observing us from her deck. But we did it.

With air conditioning turned on full blast, Zane opened the boxes of new beginnings and thoughtfully placed each item where he thought Kelsey would if she were here. She guided him on some things over the cell phone. Then he took photos and emailed them to her. She’s back home squealing with delight as she puts the finishing touches on the wedding planning.

How exciting to be starting new. Both college graduates, Zane and Kelsey have a full life ahead of them. They are truly precious and excited to begin married life in this nice third-story condo in the corner unit overlooking the hot tub and fitness center.

Zane and Kelsey should be commended for doing things right. They’ve been dating for four years. On June 12, 2009 they will marry in a beautiful ceremony with our large families looking on. They will say their vows before God and express their love and devotion to His will in their life. They have honored God in purity. June 13th will be the first morning they’ve ever awakened together in the same bed. I am so proud that they will begin their life the way God intended. Pure. Holy. Devoted to God.

I leave this place with very very mixed emotions today. His condo is set up and ready for him to carry Kelsey over the threshold after they return from their honeymoon. I am so proud of the man Zane has become. I love Kelsey and welcome her to our family.

But this also means that my oldest will be living across the state from us as he begins a new life with a new wife and a new job. However, I’m reminded that there is nothing new under the sun in God’s eyes. He’s been with them all throughout their lives and He will never leave them or forsake them. Besides, we set up the guest bedroom too, so we’ll be able to visit often enough.

As we drive away from this condo I pray. Lord, bless this union with Your wisdom and grace. Allow them to remain Holy in Your site. Keep them pure in everything they do. Show them how the plan You created for them is set in motion this day. Father, I’m so thankful for these two young people. I am truly blessed and I give You thanks. May all the Glory be Yours. In Jesus Name! AMEN.