Northwest Christian Writer’s Association Conference

Tuesday April 28 2009 9:32 am | Comments (0)

I am excited to attend the Writer’s Renewal Conference sponsored by the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association.  It will be held this weekend (May 1st and 2nd) at Northshore Baptist Church.  Here’s the scoop:

Keynote Speaker: Dennis “Doc” Hensley, along with editors and agents from the best publishing houses across the country. Freelance writers, authors and editors will teach practical and timely topics on the craft, business and marketing of writing.

Conferences are an excellent way to energize my writing.  I’ll be meeting with some editors and agents to present my book proposal and magazine article queries.  The workshops are always helpful in learning new tools for the trade.

If you have any questions about the conference let me know or check it out at our website where it’s not too late to sign up.  It is a great conference at an excellent price.  Don’t miss it if you want to become a published author or to simply improve your writing skills.  I hope to see you there.

If you can’t join us for the conference, try to make the meeting on Monday night, May 4, 2009 at 7:00 pm at Northshore Baptist Church in Bothell.  Dennis Hensley will bring us a fresh message and you’ll be encouraged by meeting with other aspiring writer’s.  See you there.

Random Thoughts Blog

Friday April 3 2009 8:09 pm | Comments (0) Tags:

I started a blog of random thoughts as I transition through this phase of my life of “empty nesting”.  I try to write a blog post at least once a week.  I often ask a question related to my post so I hope you will check it out at and respond to my questions.  We can get some interesting dialog going on that site.  Have a great day!