Write a Love Letter

Saturday March 21 2009 9:21 pm | Comments (0)

St. Augustine said “The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home.”

As I study the Bible and carefully select the Scriptures to include in my devotional book, I could not agree more. Letters from home.

I have a box of letters I saved from thirty years ago when I was attending college in Maryland my junior year. They meant so much to me.

Carefully printed notes from my nieces and nephews on elementary school wide-lined paper were the favorites. These notes cured my homesick heart with each carefully written word.

Isn’t that just like the Bible? Carefully written with the intention to send some love from home. God’s Home.  Heaven.  The place where He’s got a room waiting just for me. I know I will feel like a princess there too. Like I do while staying with my sister.

Love letters from home. Who needs a love letter from you today?

God Bless Your Heart


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