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I read a quote today by Corrie Ten Boom. “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

That statement rings in my heart tonight as I thank God for a good report for my sister Shelley. Although she is still in the process of receiving total healing for her recently diagnosed breast cancer, the news today was something to celebrate.

She had a biopsy on her left breast after an MRI revealed there could be a problem. Thank you Jesus….it was clear. Now we are going to believe for total healing from the cancer found in her other breast.

Tuesday night Shelley and her family joined my home group for a night of prayer. We focused our time on lifting Shelley’s situation to the Lord and asking for healing. I trust that God will continue to answer this prayer when Shelley has surgery on Tuesday to remove all the cancer from her body.

I will continue to lift her in prayer trusting this unknown future to a known God.

When you trust God, everything about your life becomes more joyful and more manageable. Quote by Neil Clark Warren.

My question today is who do you trust?

God Bless Your Heart!


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