The Caring Diva!

Thursday February 19 2009 6:44 pm | Comments (0) Tags: ,

They named me The Caring Diva! I was recently blessed when a box arrived on my door step.  Inside I found 250 new business cards – a gift from the publisher of my devotional book.  Extreme Diva Media is a fun company and they publish awesome books.  Jean Ann Duckworth, the main Diva of the organization gave me the name “The Caring Diva”.  I like the sound of that.

So I thought about ways to show that I care.  This week I’m going to a writer’s conference so I’ll be bringing along my stash of cards.  I love to have them with me so I can write a quick note to a new friend or a waitress or bellboy.  It’s a simple way to show that you care.  I challenge you to do it this week.  Jot a note to someone who needs to know you care.  Happy Writing!

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