Embrace Hope

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I woke up this morning at 3:30.  The words “embrace transition”, “embrace change” and “embrace hope” kept rolling around my head. 

As I think about the story of my life, God continues to remind me that I must embrace the changes that come my way.  I must remember that God does indeed work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

I am a writer because I want to share the hope I found in the many transitions of my life.  The stories of the lives God has allowed me to touch keep me writing and sharing the testimony.  I want my writing to touch the wounded hearts of my reader and bring them to a place of hope and peace.

We need to hang on to hope.  America is in transition.  Many of us are facing new challenges.  But I want to assure you – There IS hope.

When I was a young seven year old, my dad died of cancer and suddenly I was called fatherless.  But God reminded me that He is my Father.  My hope in God the Father has sustained me through many transitions.

In fifth grade we moved from our tiny little three bedroom, one bath home to a spacious four bedroom, two bathroom home with a covered porch and a climbing tree in the back yard.   This transition was fun because all ten of us felt like we lived in a mansion.  We no longer had to cram seven kids in one bedroom.  We finally had a shower.  My hope in God the Provider has kept me in peace  in difficult times.  He always provides.  It might look different than I expected, but He always provides.

My heart was broken many times in my life because of the death of family and friends.  I attended too many funerals before I went to college.  I also experienced the death of relationships that meant a lot to me.  My hope in God the healer of broken hearts is always very real.  It still is very real.  I often embrace that hope.

When I felt like a failure because my first marriage lasted only six months, my hope in the Redeemer carried me through some very trying years wrought with poor decisions and difficult consequences.  He never left my side.  Hope was only a prayer away.

My youngest son Gabriel surprised us all when he was born with an unusually formed body.  I hung on to hope with a death grip as I saw my future with uncertain eyes.  God never left my side during these years, even though I tried desperately to do things my way.   After Gabe was born I spent two years of striving at work and at home before God really got my attention.  I finally surrendered everything to Him.  Hope sustained me all these years as we have walked through the challenges of raising a son with a disability.

Oh I still try to do things my way every now and again.  But each day I’m reminded of the hope that has carried me through the years.  When I seek direction from the Word of God and pray for His instruction,  I never doubt that He will lead me where He wants me to go.  I just need to embrace that hope and follow his direction.  Detours are no fun!

I am in another major transition in my life.  Gabe is now living in the dorm and doing very well at the University.  Zane will graduate from WSU in May and marry his sweetheart, Kelsey in June.  Our transition to the empty nest has been challenging because I’m no longer needed as much by my precious boys.  But it is also very good. 

I enjoy my time with Steven more than ever before.  We actually have time to talk about our hopes and plan for our dreams.  He is a lot of fun and we are growing closer every day.

Embrace Hope.  I like the sound of that.  I know God will give me the grace to maneuver each curve in the road.  He’s already proven to be a good guide over the last fifty years of seeking His will.  I’m the one who drives off the road and into the ditch when I keep my eyes off Him.  But there he is to pick me up, brush me off, and set me back on track.  I love that about Jesus.

I pray you will embrace hope for whatever is going on in your life.  I opened my Bible to Psalm 119 this morning and God spoke to me in the entire chapter.  But these two verses have been resonating in my heart all day long.

49 Remember your word to your servant,
       for you have given me hope.

 50 My comfort in my suffering is this:
       Your promise preserves my life.

Yes, there is hope.  I pray you embrace it today.  God Bless Your Heart!  

Write For The Soul

Sunday February 22 2009 11:03 pm | Comments (0) Tags:

Whew.  What more can I say?  We arrived home from the Christian Writer’s Guild conference in Colorado Springs.  The Write for the Soul Conference was held at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel.  This place was absolutely indescribable.

I am excited to take what I learned at the conference and improve my writing.  It was such a blessing to hear Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. Don Hensley, Sammy Tippitt, Karen Kingsbury, McNair Wilson and Pastor Bill Oudemolen.  Each speaker added a wealth of information and inspiration over the weekend.  We were delighted by Randy Atchison as he entertained us playing every key on his Steinway throughout the weekend.  This morning’s worship was a fun with the Colorado Cowboys.

It was a highlight of the weekend to have a chat with one of my favorite fiction authors – Karen Kingsbury.  We met her husband Don.  She encouraged me to keep writing because the world needs to be blessed by Gabe’s story.  Now how is that for inspiration to get it finished!

The continuing education classes and workshops were so informative.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my MP3 copy of the conference sessions.

My appointments with book and magazine editors were very successful.  I’ve been asked to submit my book proposal to two editors.  Several magazines are interested in my articles.  Yee Ha!

So I’ll be busy fine tuning my proposal and writing query letters to better explain the article titles I presented.

The main thing about this conference was that God get’s all the glory.  We all write for the glory of God and to bring the message to a hurting world.  Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?  Amen!

I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight with all the thoughts rolling around my head of things I need to edit or write….but I know I am called to write to the broken hearts and place their hand in God’s hand.

The Caring Diva!

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They named me The Caring Diva! I was recently blessed when a box arrived on my door step.  Inside I found 250 new business cards – a gift from the publisher of my devotional book.  Extreme Diva Media is a fun company and they publish awesome books.  Jean Ann Duckworth, the main Diva of the organization gave me the name “The Caring Diva”.  I like the sound of that.

So I thought about ways to show that I care.  This week I’m going to a writer’s conference so I’ll be bringing along my stash of cards.  I love to have them with me so I can write a quick note to a new friend or a waitress or bellboy.  It’s a simple way to show that you care.  I challenge you to do it this week.  Jot a note to someone who needs to know you care.  Happy Writing!